Autumn, Creekside

Festive reflecting creek

Festive reflecting creek

Another few steps, another moment

Another few steps, another moment

The creek stages a gala, magical event, come autumn. It’s all done with light and water. Unlike illusionists using ‘smoke and mirrors’, the creek works with only natural props, and at “Presto!” reveals only vistas of solidly real beauty. Creek patter and flowing movements are not misdirection; they attract our attention at its keenest. It’s scheduled from whenever the leaves really start to turn, until . . .

I'm partial to intensely bright colors

I’m partial to intensely bright colors

I’m out in the woods using a camera to try to catch the creek at some of its ‘tricks’. I’m not a photographer, though, I’m a frustrated painter. I was always trying to play catch-up with nature, but nature was always light years ahead of me; well, duh.

The water grabs the light and bounces hues around, reflecting and cross-reflecting.

That large leaf is from a Broad Leaf Magnolia

That large leaf is from a Broad Leaf Magnolia

Presenting mixed media collages of light, ripples, leaves attached and detached, water, sky, trees, swirls, waves, eddies, reflections, with a heavy reference to traditional landscape. The light changes moment by moment, creating new sights. I have to go snap snap snap with the camera to keep up. Getting this close, I like to fell in the creek last year!

Floating mat of leaves - it looks still, but will slowly wash on

Floating mat of leaves – it looks still, but will slowly wash on

The camera and the creek are doing this. I’ll only take credit for composing the shots and choosing the scenes. I don’t use photoshop to enhance hues, but the camera may have brightened or subdued some colors compared to what the human eye would see.

The following are from a later time of day with twilight coming on. Slanting rays and darker tones but still, the color blends appeal to me.

Well lit, but dusk is on the way

Well lit, but dusk is on the way

The light changes every few seconds

The light changes every few seconds

Slight adjustment in the light, night edging towards us

Slight adjustment in the light, night edging towards us

Busy currents

Busy currents

I absolutely love this creek, and I’m far from alone. Chances are most everyone knows, remembers, and treasures a natural waterway. All are worth saving. We humans depend on water! Please support your local environmental groups any way you can. Here’s my essay, “Tributary” telling more about this creek, and all creeks, rivers, oceans.

Leaves making ready to participate in the fall festival.

The forest

The forest

The forest floor

Leaves and pine straw

Leaves and pine straw

Green is leaving very slowly this year!

Green is leaving very slowly this year!

The Beauty Berries partied like rocks stars too, but they’re about to rest up for the winter.

American Beauty Berries

American Beauty Berries

A link to summer’s prelude to fall:

Here’s a link to last year’s fall photos with a different camera:

After being outside, it’s a pleasure to walk into the house, because we have kitties. Here’s a link to the post detailing the book I’m writing about our cats: As soon as I can, I’m going to get back to posting about the kitties! Bud, pictured below, is waiting.

Bud the kitty

Bud the kitty

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I'm a writer fascinated by the natural world and animals, especially cats.
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74 Responses to Autumn, Creekside

  1. pkashbhatt says:

    Gosh the pics of the leaves in the stream are beautiful.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Bud looks expectant! Ellie

  3. greenpete58 says:

    These photos are beautiful. Some of them look almost like abstract paintings. Really amazing! I also appreciate your sentiments about creeks and the environment.

    • Catwoods says:

      Many thanks! Always good to hear from others with similar views about nature and environmental issues. BTW, we are actually still within the edges of the Appalachians here.

  4. Beautiful photography, Leah.

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  6. Outstanding work between you view on the streams to go with some excellent photographs of the reflections in the water. Photographing a reflection can take an ordinary subject and turn it into a work of artistic expression or an abstract form, and you capture this very well with many of your images. Well Done!

  7. floridaborne says:

    Reflections on the water are one of my favorites.

  8. Love your photos. We seem to be striving for the same thing but your photos are great! Following you.

  9. Gorgeous! Especially your top shot — very painterly.

  10. Your painting are very beautiful, I adore cats too and have my own feral family.Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

  11. Your photos are lyrical.

    You would (if you don’t already know) probably like the Cavan series of paintings by Brian Rutenberg. This series of paintings is an attempt to do exactly what you are doing. And His Algonquin series is also similar.

  12. Reblogged this on Vector Charley and commented:
    Too purr-fect to pass.

  13. I love the photos! Makes me feel like doing some collage or fiber art. I’m more of a dog person but the photographs of your cats could change my mind! Thank you for sharing so much beauty =)

  14. batgurrl says:

    Inspred to do water shots. Thanx. R

  15. LB says:

    Those first few in particular look like water color paintings. Lovely

  16. What beautiful photos! you have an artist’s eye. Thanks for checking out WordSisters!

  17. Beautiful photography! I love the symbolism of leaves.

  18. niasunset says:

    You captured amazing moments in there, the reflections are so beautiful… It is almost art of nature and you did a wonderful shots. Thank you, love, nia

    • Catwoods says:

      Cyberbonn, thank you so much for thinking of me! I have to decline because I just can’t participate in the awards program at this time. I will crosspost to your thread.

  19. brucemarsh says:

    Nice photos; I have been fascinated by light on, and under, water for years!! It’s always a challenge to paint it!!

  20. Lovely photos. Beautiful cat!

  21. leemalerich says:

    thank you for visiting, catwoods. we have so much in common. except that i need a camera upgrade and some lessons. your photos are inspiring!

    • Catwoods says:

      My pleasure visiting! I really enjoyed the post about St. Louis and Budweiser, and the sense of place it conveyed. It’s great to share common ground! The camera really does most of the work for me; I only choose the scenes and the framing.

  22. David Kenyon says:

    Great pictures! Reminds me of Monet.

  23. Beautiful images of water reflecting the colors of the woods! Love them.

  24. lovely reflection pictures – beautiful colours!

  25. What beautiful imagery! Thanks for visiting my blog. I can see we have a lot in common, and I will definitely be back to visit yours again :-)

  26. fictionfitz says:

    Reblogged this on Writing Out Loud and commented:
    Looks like impressionist paintings. These are terrific, and best of all, they begin and end with a cat.

  27. nwolitzer says:

    I find the images and words on your site very beautiful. So glad that you liked my post/drawing “Gidget, Again,” which brought me here.

  28. Really lovely images. I can see why you’d want to paint the abundance that nature presents.

  29. Thank you for liking “Long Exposure Photography.” I admire these beautiful photos of autumn leaves and trees and water reflections. The creek looks so peaceful. I also enjoyed seeing the picture of your cute cat. Good luck with your book! :)

  30. Lovely, lovely work-especially the reflective water images-the color and light are very impressionistic which really give a softness to the overall photograph-
    Thank you too for visiting Move the Chair-I appreciate you taking the time to look-

  31. Eliza Waters says:

    Thank you for your like and visit. I enjoyed seeing your blog – lovely stuff! Especially the kitties!

  32. I think you captured autumn as best as a camera possibly could! Lovely, lovely pics!

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