Being Away, and My Sweet Bridge Angel

8247UVgrumpy5 copy

Sweet Ultraviolet. Grumpy, or Introspective?

Here is my sweet girl looking a little grumpy. I feel a bit that way myself as I’ve been away. I just spent eleven days in the hospital. I’m home now and glad to be there (although missing my kitty something terrible) and I still have a ways to go before I get back to where I was. Back to abnormal.

While in the hospital I couldn’t ‘like’ anyone’s posts, because on my phone, the wordpress reader just wouldn’t let me ‘like’ stuff. If someone posted a link on facebook, I could get to your blogs that way, if I saw it. I was limited in how much I could do each day.

I’m still limited, and I’m trying to catch up but it’s not going fast. Just wanted y’all to know, I haven’t been avoiding your blogs. I will also be slow to respond to any comments.

Hope to be visiting soon!

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I'm Leah T. Alford, a writer fascinated by the natural world and animals, especially cats.
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40 Responses to Being Away, and My Sweet Bridge Angel

  1. Catwoods says:

    Thanks, y’all, for all the kind and encouraging words! I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to answer your comments individually, but please know they have made a real difference and they mean a lot to me. Recovery has been gradual and I don’t think I’ll get back to being even as energetic as I was before. So with less “juice” to go around, I’ve been crazy busy, but I don’t accomplish much per day because I work in super slo-mo. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with everyone’s blogs and websites and I hope to get around more in the future. I also hope to take a breather and do some more posting myself, soon. Still missing Ultraviolet something awful! We do now have a new kitty, Franklin.

  2. niasunset says:

    Good Morning dear Leah, how are you? I am being so happy when I see you on my blog, Thank you for this, but you know, I miss you, your existence on this blogging world makes me happy dear Leah, means a lot for me…. I hope and wish you beautiful day, Love, nia

  3. Hope things are “looking up” for you lately. Keep the faith.

  4. pdlyons says:

    wishing you all the best.

  5. Chandra Lynn says:

    Well, I’m certainly late to the “get well” party. I hope that you are fully recovered by now and back to a better “abnormal.” I’m sorry we didn’t get the world in better shape during your 11-day break from all THAT madness. Sending good thoughts and a hug. Praying that you are staying well.

  6. Judy says:

    I hope that you are on the mend and being home in familiar well-loved spaces will give you that comfort and peace that helps with healing.

  7. I understand, Leah, and just know that it does take time for us to come to terms with some limitations in our lives. We need patience. I send you beautiful thoughts on which to float.

  8. Candace says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Leah, and I’m still so sad about your UV and know how much you must miss her. Oddly, just today, I have been unable to “like” any blogs that are not WordPress-based. Very aggravating. I have a question in about it on the support forums but I hope that they aren’t preventing us from liking blogs on other platforms now. Grrrr.

  9. terrepruitt says:

    Oh wow. That is a long time. I hope you get better soon. Follow your doctors orders!

  10. “Back to abnormal.” Oh, sure. Go ahead and be just like everybody else! LOL. (Perfectly normal to laugh at one’s own jokes.) I believe grief is normal. Don’t let anybody take it away from you, or tell you to get over it, or how to fix it. The combination of losing Little Girl and being severely ill (11 days in the hospital has got to be serious) are hard blows. If they send you reeling, reel on through it. Wobble and falter until you’ve found your footing. I think it’s normal to suffer, and also normal to find your way out of that darkness by the light of your love of life and love for those you want to be lovingly abnormal with! Take heart. Keep the faith … in love and in yourself. So sez me.

    And I appreciate your enduring support of so many things I’ve posted. You’re like the comforting sound of the steady rain I listened to for a long time in the pre-dawn before writing this. It reminded me that last night I couldn’t think of what to say to you, but felt I needed to. (Of course, it’s all about me, like normal people.)

    You said you may not be able to reply to every comment. This one doesn’t need a reply, not for my sake. I trust you “hear me.” So just go get your abnormal on and fly it … when you’re ready and not before.

    Have a good cry in the rain. I did. Good stuff.


  11. inesephoto says:

    Oh I am so sorry you have been in the hospital. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Sending love ❤

  12. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Hope you feel better!

  13. Eliza Waters says:

    Hope you are feeling better and more yourself – healthy ‘abnormal!’ x

  14. RMW says:

    Glad to hear that you are back to your familiar surroundings. Be well. And may the memories of Ultraviolet warm your heart as you recover.

  15. Good to hear from you! Sending love and light and I do hope you are feeling much better soon. I do believe Ultraviolet watching over you…

  16. cat9984 says:

    Glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery. Hope it goes well (and quickly).

  17. elmediat says:

    Take care.

  18. Hope you are feeling better…sending warm wishes to you!

  19. Dear Leah, Oh I am so very sorry you were in the hospital so long. I hope you are okay now and will recuperate. I feel terrible. Maybe your loss made you ill. I will pray you feel better soon and recover. Don’t worry about us. And thank you so much for liking my post in debilitated state. Blessings to you, Leah!! Hugs, Ellen

  20. Charles Huss says:

    I hope you will be better soon.

  21. DS Levy says:

    Oh, Leah — I do love that photo of UV! Such a precious girl. What a face, what an expression!

    And I’m so sorry you were recently in the hospital, but so glad to read that you’re now back home. I wish you a speedy recovery. Of course, having UV there by your side would certainly speed up your healing, but I know she’s watching over you in spirit. Just curious: In her honor, ever thought about adopting another kitty? I know it’s a difficult thing to think of at this point, but you and your husband have so much love and care to give, and a kitty would be so lucky to have you both as cat caregivers.

    I haven’t been posting, so you have missed anything my way. LOL I’m teaching a couple of hybrid creative writing classes and really enjoying it (I don’t have to be in the classroom that often, which is great!). I’ll be thinking of you, Leah, sending positive, healing vibes your way. I know UV is sending them your way as well. Deb

  22. arlingwoman says:

    I hope you recover well and speedily! Don’t worry about the likes–but thanks for updating us.

  23. Yvon says:

    I hope you will have a speedy recovery dear Leah. I’m sure Ultraviolet is watching over you …
    Love from The Netherlands

  24. Lavinia Ross says:

    I hope all is well with you, Catwoods. Little Ultraviolet will get some daffodils planted here.

  25. chattykerry says:

    Oh, Leah, I am so sorry that you have had to stay in hospital but hope you feel much better soon. Sending a big hug to you and grumpy Ultraviolet! K x

  26. Cate says:

    It’s large-spirited of you to be thinking of us while you’re ailing, Leah. Hospitals must be the least restful places on the planet, so I hope you’re able to catch up on sleep now that you’re home. I’ve wondered if there might eventually be another feline companion in your life ….. perhaps too soon now, but you’re a wonderful and appreciative cat mom. Sending all good wishes to you and Ultraviolet, whose good (or grumpy :)) energy I’m sure is still palpable.

  27. claire says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital but happy to hear you are back home and slowly recovering. Sometimes joys are all the more precious for forgoing them for a while. Enjoy your convalescence with your furry companion and get well soon.

  28. weggieboy says:

    Best wishes for a return home!! While recovery in the hospital means a lot of being waited on (and medical procedures, etc. – ugh!), nothing beats the day you can return to your familiar routine, surrounded by furpals! My two kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, couldn’t spend enough time around me when I returned form two and a half months away for hospitalization and therapy, nor I them.

  29. Herman says:

    Wishing you all the best and hope you’re getting better soon, my friend!

  30. niasunset says:

    Dear Leah, I am sorry to hear that you were in the hospital. I hope and wish you to get well soon, I miss you, much love and greetings, nia

  31. charlotteash says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill, Leah. Sending hugs and well wishes from my menagerie and me.

  32. Oh I am so sorry you’ve been unwell, Leah. Sparta Puss and I send you and Ultraviolet all the very best xxxx

  33. Lauren says:

    I know you have likely seen this on my blog before, Leah, but I hope you don’t mind my sharing it here as well. When my cat Coolidge died in my arms at 17, and diabetic for the last nine, I was emotionally shredded. I called our vet and apprised him of Coolidge’s passing. I called him later in the afternoon and told him I had never slept in our house without a cat. Our wonderful vet gently told me “Sometimes it can be very healing to get another cat right away.” The shelter was already closed, but I called Petco, which frequently hosts the best kitties from the shelter. An employee described “a healthy little female kitty who is very pretty.” We were there half an hour later. I met Effie (I named her) and I carried her around while she locked her paws around my neck. Effie has been with us for three years, and she is a wonderful, beautiful kitty. This past March we added Paladin to our lives, and he and Effie adore each other. Paladin was feral when we met him. He came over for meals. We had him neutered, vaccinated, and wormed. He is a marvelous cat. He went from feral to domestic within three days.

  34. Sending healing purrs and waggles,and petcretary adds her get well wishes. It is so hard when there is no kitty to greet you with purrs, headbonks and soft mews….

  35. Glad you’re feeling better.

  36. Mollie Hunt says:

    I am having that trouble too, and now it won’t let me like this post!

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Ok, I beat WordPress into submission and got it to like your post. Sorry you’re ill, and sorry you don’t have your kitty to take care of you. And sorry WordPress is giving you trouble. Maybe the sound of your nearby creak will be healing.

  37. Lauren says:

    I understand limits too, and it’s taken a long time to concede to them without resentment. It’s crummy, Leah, but we aren’t given a choice. ❤

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