Franklin the Cat is on Tummy Rub Tuesday!

Our Franklin is on Tummy Rub Tuesday over at Katzenworld today!

Go check out that wonderful site and the post with the Franklin tummy and other kitty tummies on Tummy Rub Tuesday!

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I'm Leah T. Alford, a writer fascinated by the natural world and animals, especially cats.
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  1. My cat Siri was also on Tummy Rub Tuesday.
    As she is “pleasingly plump,” there is an ample amount of tummy to rub!
    Although I am rather claustrophobic and don’t like being ordered to stay at home, our 2 cats think that everybody staying home, day after day, is a wonderful thing.
    Not trips to the vet…absolutely no travel to anywhere.
    Watching news about the Coronavirus doesn’t frighten them at all.
    Their advice is: Eat, Sleep, and Purr…….

  2. I am glad you are optimistic and hopeful in ecological affairs. Sadly I am relatively pessimistic in this remit. I am convinced that in spite of the presence of good and caring humans across the chessboard, the ultimate destruction comes from capitalistic mechanism that are in place. In my opinion, stand alone science cannot eliminate capitalism and ultimate changes come from policy intervention. Scientists by and by prefer to reside in their respective Ivory Tower where they are protected by the very same mechanism that are destroying the planet and widening the gap between economic and social warfare. This certainly is debatable, topical, mundane, sensitive due to the fact it strikes right at the very bottom of people’s lifestyle and the issue is a paradox! I usually do not talk or write these as it fuels division and confusion and people end up thinking I am crazy or full with anger! You are an educated person, an author and a global ambassador in very many ecological and social contexts hence I hope you would be able to gauge light in my comments. April 22 is Earth Day and if time permits, I plan on write up some essays in these directions. Saludos! Ashraf

    • Catwoods says:

      I think writing some essays would be a good idea, Ashraf. I’ve found writing, working with thoughts, always helps me, and getting responses from others, especially recognition, can be valuable too. I think, and hope, that human ingenuity will find ways to stop environmental degradation. It is indeed hard to get governments to enact the needed regulations. I like the International Waterkeepers’ Association because so many members are working “on the ground” so to speak, “grassroots” monitoring of waterways and collecting of samples of water for analysis. They rely on courts and of course on scientific evidence to try to advocate, and of course, there are heartbreaking disappointments but some victories too. I have no doubt you are one of the young scientists whose work will make a difference! By the way, being an independent author published by a small publisher has meant my book has not had nearly the reach I’d like, it often goes that way without a large publisher. But I’ll continue to try for awhile, and try to have fun while doing so. So, Paws Up! Meows! and Peace and Good Wishes to all!

  3. Chandra Lynn says:

    There are a LOT of cat tummies on that site. LOL!

  4. Hehehhe, Franklin is proper sweetie. I love that image. My Megan sweetie stretch and laying down like Franklin sometimes and I tickle her belly (I call it pouch heehe) and she then bunny kicks me … Thanks for sharing such a rare glimpse of Franklin Sweetie! Paws Up!

    • Catwoods says:

      Glad you like the picture! Wow, it’s amazing that Megan sweetie sort of lets you scritch her tummy before she kicks! They really trust you if they even roll into that position, I’ve read. Franklin on the other hand, he’s really somewhere in between a domesticated and a feral cat. It’s ok, we love him like crazy, and we’ve had other cats in the past who began as total ferals.

      • Yes, cats are proper sweeties, and I adore all of them. They just make me very happy so do all other non human species. Megan came to live with me when she was like 2.5 year old. I heard she had a bad past until cat protection folks adopted her and found a home with me. She is like 8.5 years old or so and still act like she is young girl. When I adopted her on year 2014, I used to run a blog on her, in Tumblr, it is still active but most of the images and stories are when she was young. You can check the site out here Meow! Ashraf

        • Catwoods says:

          Thanks for the link, Ashraf! Such beautiful cats and you’ve taken such great photos of them! Megan Sweetie is just gorgeous and so is Grace! Meows!

          • Thanks Leah. Yes, Grace is proper Sweetie. You probably have seen her mummy too, she is called Yuki. Yuki was almost beaten to death when I adopted her. She was pregnant and left without food and home and I had to battle with their owners to rescue her. She gave birth at my previous house and Grace is one of her daughters. She had miscarriage and lost some of her kittens during birth. Couple of them died shortly after. Grace is very clever, she can open all the kitchen cupboards and doors too. Thanks again for seeing my sweeties! Meow Meow!

            • Catwoods says:

              O my gosh Ashraf, you are a hero for saving Yuki and Grace from those terrible people and for doing what you could for her kittens. I have seen pictures of them on your other sites. I will never understand people who are cruel to animals, or to their fellow humans. Meows for the good and kind people of the world, like you, Ashraf.

              • Thanks Leah. It was least I could do for Yuki. I named her Yuki because in Japanese Animated very popular film called ‘The Cat Return’ there is character called Yuki, that cat faced lot of neglect and abuse and in the end she found peace, very much like my Yuki Sweeties life I guess. You must watch ‘The Cat Return’. It is spiritually motivating and I watch it every after few months to keep my spirit alive. I maintain my own server from home, a repository of hundreds of quality movies, books, PBS Nature Program, you name it. At the moment, I am expanding my home server and making it more streamline and neat. Once ready, I will share my server with you so that you can download or watch ‘The Cat Return’ and other films from my server….. Wildlife population across the continents are disappearing at a rate that has never happened in earth history. Humans have started the 6th Mass Extinction Event. This little planet in our solar system is the only habitable planet where all humans born and died and probably will get extinct over time. I just hope Earth can survive and regenerate to its original dense state of forested ecosystems where humans actually evolved from… Saving a cat is just my way to show respect to earth I guess Leah. Just like your brilliant works and book publication is constant resonance of living with wildlife in harmony….

                • Catwoods says:

                  I looked up a trailer for The Cat Return on youtube, that does look good Ashraf, thanks! We haven’t been watching many shows, we both stay busy online. I’m glad you have a lot of movies and books to keep you busy, especially at this time when staying home is the best way to stay safe. I’m very worried about what will happen to the planet too! I’ve watched things change over the years, more and more forest and wilderness lost. I live in a beautiful area of the US that was once undeveloped but now things are changing. And although many advocate courageously for nature, most of the people here are willing to let industry trample all over the land. It’s happening world-wide and it’s sad. One day the “domestic” cat (not really so domestic) may be all we have left of the wild.

                  • Yes, humans are, by and by, are function of ‘media’, capitalism’, ‘anthropocentrism’ and many more… Generally speaking, I am not against microorganism hence benign virus which now become hand puppet (Almost everything does) of capitalistic media-wash is acting as if storm out of tea cup… per say. Ebola Virus, Variola Virus (Small Pox), Hunta Virus, Prion Virus (Fashionably known as Mad Cow Disease in England), SARS Virus, and many more that have been neatly orchestrated against the backdrop of capitalistic ecocides are statistically more prone to human fatality than what crona can do! Have you read the book written by Donella Meadows from MIT back in 70s entitled ‘The Limit to Growth’. Generally Speaking Humans have produced more bad humans than what non humans have produced throughout the evolution of species … I can carry on and on..Leah

                    • Catwoods says:

                      Well there are some really good humans along with the bad . . . and I’d like to see cures found for all these viruses. The case count is going up in my region, so I’m worried. I haven’t read the book you mentioned. Although I am discouraged about what’s happening to the natural world, my hope is that somehow the good humans doing science and creating new tech can solve the environmental problems. I do believe humans are capable of great goodness. I didn’t mean to sound quite so gloomy, there is reason for concern but reason for hope, too.

  5. You did a great work on that tummy, Franklin, purrfect to give you some rubs๐Ÿ˜ธPawkisses for a Happy Sunday๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ฝ๐Ÿ’ž

  6. Charlee: “Belly!”
    Lulu: “Is someone talking to me?”
    Chaplin: “Not everything belly-related is about you, Lulu!”

    • Catwoods says:

      Ahahaha Franklin says it’s all cool so long as the focus is not on his belly, not for more than the instant it takes to snap a picture!

  7. Franklin, you’re famous(and you’re looking good!)!!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  8. You’re not a fan of tummy rubs? I wasn’t when I first came here, probably because my first family was too rough with me. But my Dad was patient with me and taught me that he gives gentle tummy rubs. Now I like them and I don’t bitey him.

    • Catwoods says:

      Franklin says, you are indeed a good kitty Raven! So far I am happiest with head, neck and chin scritches. I still enjoy being scratchy-bitey when I need to give instructions and get my points across to the humans!

  9. Pam Lazos says:

    Oh my gosh, Leah, how much fun to be a cat and hang out there. ;0)

  10. I wonder how Franklin is handling his new found fame?

  11. Yore lookin speck-taculer inn yore foto Franklin! Yore tummy sure iss inn-vitin butt wee admire it from afar….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  12. cat9984 says:

    Looking handsome as ever

  13. I think every day should be tummy rub day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Snorgle time!! Concats, Franklin!
    I, Pipo love them belly rubs too, and I even beg for them:)

  15. Lauren says:

    Franklin is worthy of fame!

  16. Mollie Hunt says:

    Congratulations, Franklin!

  17. Franklin looks so cute!

  18. Lavinia Ross says:

    Franklin is adorable!

  19. Oh yay! So cool that Franklin got to be on TRT ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  20. Timothy Price says:

    Franklin is a character.

  21. Cate says:

    Great image, Leah! Love our black cats.

  22. John says:

    Sooo cute! ๐Ÿ˜ป

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