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Catwoods Book Gets Certificate of Excellence From the Cat Writers’ Association!

NOTE: My book did go on to win the MUSE Award that year!                                                        … Continue reading

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Roarin’ Creek Pics, Curated by Cat

When the creek’s high we humans can hear it roar from the yard but Franklin hears it from indoors, even before it rises enough to be audible to us. We had a lot of rain this year in winter and … Continue reading

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Catwoods Gets a Great Review!

All the kitties, even grumpy Franklin, are celebrating the review of Catwoods by Ellen Pilch of the website “15 and Meowing”! We’re basking in the feeling of having really connected with a reader and fellow cat appreciator! That’s the best … Continue reading

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Feral Cats Foil Sensible Plans, Part 2

Franklin, who will one day live with the kittens. I haven’t been around kittens in a long time. They’re in perpetual motion, hard to photograph. I asked the hubs one day, do you ever go in and find them all … Continue reading

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