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Purring and Hissing All-Cat Greetings

Franklin, master of Resting Grouch Face, is not about to purr. In fact he’s about to pitch a hissy. Franklin: Phsssssst. I thought all-cat meant me only, not those others. I’m all-cat. Me: It just means no landscapes, no water … Continue reading

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Cats and Creek, Traditional

Here’s Frankie in 2019, demonstrating the panther-slung-over-a-branch style of repose. Today we’re going back to the old way of autumn creek posting, with just a two-cat escort. The “kittens” will be back soon! The reason being, there are so many … Continue reading

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Sylvestris and Felis, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Edition

Here’s Frankie to start us off. These pictures are all from October and November; most of these leaves are gone but I got their pictures before they absconded! And we still have fall color out there! (And several more creek … Continue reading

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