Sylvestris and Felis, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Edition

Franklin, gorgeous kitty

Here’s Frankie to start us off. These pictures are all from October and November; most of these leaves are gone but I got their pictures before they absconded! And we still have fall color out there! (And several more creek and forest trips in the camera and phone!)

Up close glimpses

Another forest

Merry Christmas!

These days we designate an outdoor evergreen as our Christmas tree. This perfectly-shaped cedar has grown really tall since last year. It’s on the other side of the creek, so we view it from a distance. Years ago when younger, we’d find ways to cross the creek but that was well, years ago.

So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!

Boss and Lynxie

That’s cool with us, say Boss and Lynxie who have yet to climb a tree, indoor or outdoor.

Expanse of creek

Though it’s not a large creek, we are now too creaky to slog across or walk to the rapids where we used to cross on the rocks.


Water pictures

Moonpie and Stripey

Moonpie and Stripey are buddies!

View from the Leaf Islands

Lone leaf

A story that stays

Lynx, Stripey, and Moonpie


Shelley Meows

Our friend’s beautiful Shelley, mewing.

Stripey checks out Catwoods

And here’s Stripey who took time out of his busy schedule to creep up on my book and check it out thoroughly. Stripey meows that every one should getΒ Catwoods during the holiday season either for gifts, or winter reading. It’s a long book, about 363 pages.

About Leah

I'm Leah T. Alford, a writer fascinated by the natural world and animals, especially cats.
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75 Responses to Sylvestris and Felis, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Edition

  1. DS Levy says:

    Wishing you, your husband & your lovely kitties a wonderful New Year!

  2. JoAnn says:

    Lovely photos both of nature and the kitty cats 🐈

  3. These images made me happy! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful images of your sweeties. Keep up the brilliant work! Best Wishes! Ashraf

  4. How beautiful! πŸ“Έ πŸ–ΌπŸŒŸ

  5. Charlee: “Such pretty colors! We don’t get colors like that around here!”
    Chaplin: “Well, except for the brown. We do get a lot of that.”

  6. Garfield Hug says:

    Beautiful photos indeed!

  7. love your outdoor christmas tree!! Lovely photos too!

  8. Lovely, but not much like the season here in the Northeast. We got our first snow yesterday, and the cats loved watching from the window, safely inside.

    • Leah says:

      Thank you David, I’m glad you liked the pictures! Yikes, snow! I bet the cats did enjoy watching! I figured fall was pretty much over up north; it’s really intense all at once there, but ours is just a really long slow process. Today most leaves are down but not quite all, and this is early. I can remember a sweetgum tree in full yellow leaves in December. There are pics of that here somewhere. We get cold too, we’ve had 4 or 5 sub-freezing nights in a row but it was 70 today.

  9. icelandpenny says:

    Autumn leaves and cats. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  10. Beautiful kitties and scenery. It took my “land lover” Eddie Bear quite a while to climb cat trees, and he was never particularly skilled at it.

    • Leah says:

      The kitties and I thank you Indulged Furries! Some cats just aren’t climbers but I think Franklin and Boss might be good at trees if given a real chance. They like to climb bookcases and shelves . . .

  11. chattykerry says:

    Thank you for a little bit of kitty fun – love the threesome on top of the cupboard!

  12. Penny Clements says:

    After you start reading Leah’s book it won’t seem long. But relish the pages slow down and enjoy.😊

  13. catscue says:

    Beautiful colors, but the kitties outshine them, y’all are so gorgeous, Happy Holidays!

    • Leah says:

      The kitties and I thank you, catscue! And I agree that kitties are the most beautiful of all of the natural world! Happy Holidays!

  14. Fabio says:

    Gorgeous photos and beautiful cats! Happy Holidays!!!

  15. 15andmeowing says:

    Beautiful photos. I love seeing your kitties, Stripey reminds me of my angels KaChoo and KaTwo. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog on the loss of Jinx. XO

    • Leah says:

      Ellen, thank you so much, I appreciate it, and I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and seeing our kitties! Awww, I know your angels KaChoo and KaTwo must have been special kitties. ❀ and hugs for your Jinx XO

  16. What beautiful photos! The colors are lovely.

  17. Denis1950 says:

    There is some amazing creativity coming through in those photos. And the cats are adding their panache also.

  18. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Happy Holidays to you!

  19. Dearest Leah,
    Well, Stripey is right about having to get this very book as a REAL GIFT!
    My husband Pieter is almost to the end of it and he keeps explaining to me in-between, how informative it is about all things that somehow are related to our beloved felines. You give GREAT INFORMATION that is very valuable.
    A very special book that stands out from so many outhers.
    Too bad that our book in the center is not printed correctly, with the margin for ‘easy’ reading. Constantly the pages have to be pushed flat in the center for still managing to read the text that remains in the gutter… Guess the inner margin should have been wider than usual.
    But it works with some effort!
    Yeah, those creek jumping years are way behind us, we used to do so too. The creek forever changes and even with the three wooden bridges that husband Pieter built us, it is tough for keeping them from being knocked out during rough weather and flooding. Wood also wears down… Right now, it is mainly our kitties crossing them. Not even all…
    Merry Christmas to all of you; four and two-legged and stay healthy! Our biggest struggle right now and I’m referring to our age related issues, not the abusive Corona restrictions and such.

    • Leah says:

      Mariette, thank you for your kind words about the book, I am so glad you both are enjoying it! I’m really sorry about the problem with the center margins, though. I looked in a copy I have and the center margins do appear to be very narrow. I will mention this to the publisher and see if they can have the printer adjust it. It would probably take awhile for the printer to do the adjustment, but I’ll be glad to check to see if they can fix it and ask them if they will send a replacement copy.
      We are doing the best we can to stay healthy and I send best wishes that you and your family and kitties will remain so too. In our area the case counts are surging because many people won’t take sensible precautions. Friends have had it, people have died, and local hospitals are near overloaded. So I personally don’t mind restrictions, I must go on record saying that, because Covid19 is in my view a really dangerous virus.
      Cheers and Meows and Merry Christmas!

      • Leah,
        During our usual tea with mixed nuts, my husband further mentioned your book and its wealth on information on all other ‘cats’.
        Also about Armadillos but did you know that they ARE vectors for Leprosy? Already in 2011 I’ve posted about it and on my Pinterest I’ve added more info as well. You get there from the link in my blogpost:
        See links below my post about my Leprosy Presentation for US Embassy/Jakarta and visiting the very hospital Princess Diana visited… We both have been very involved in Leprosy.
        Thought I needed to mention this to you…

        • Leah says:

          That’s very interesting about the armadillos, Mariette, thanks for the links! I became aware several years ago that they can carry leprosy in the US and that they should not be handled. It’s been many years since we’ve seen one where we live. I’m glad if they are no longer living here, considering the circumstances. That is very admirable of you and your husband to try to help people affected by this terrible disease!

          • We’ve always done it with all our heart. Those poor souls have absolutely NO voice, hardly any fingers most of the time for being on social media or whatever. It is an awful disease, from biblical times, yet people look the other way… Just like pets, they are voiceless too and we humans MUST fend for them.
            Hugs to you Leah!

  20. Nice to see the kitties, the woods, and the creek and trees and leaves again today. Merry Christmas if we don’t get another chance to tell you.

  21. Beautiful! Your photos of the creek and leaves are works of art! The cats are too! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  22. Lavinia Ross says:

    I enjoyed all the photos, Leah, especially the kitties. The autumn creek ones are beautiful, too.

  23. John says:

    Your cats are beautiful, Leah! The crick (creek) photos are so colorful. ❀️

  24. Brian says:

    Such sweet kitties and the colorful leaves are stunning!

  25. Correne says:

    Merry Christmas to you and the kitties! Beautiful photos.

  26. Cate says:

    Gorgeous colors; gorgeous cats! We’re in a dust-drought here in Colorado; I am envying you the creek and moist surrounds. Happy holidays to you and your felines, Leah!

    • Leah says:

      The kitties and I thank you Cate! Sorry to hear of the drought, I hope that ends and you get rain. Happy Holidays back atcha, Cate!

  27. pollymorse says:

    Beautiful photos. And handsome kitties. Can’t leave them out! Merry Christmas guys! Beautiful family you have there.

  28. niasunset says:

    so lovely and so beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I wish for the best for 2021… Thank you, Love, nia

    • Leah says:

      Thank you Nia I’m happy you like the pictures and I wish you and your family and friends and kitties Happy Holidays too! I have hopes for 2021 to be better for everyone, too!

  29. Beautiful photos – such lovely colours and gorgeous kitties. πŸ™‚ Season’s Greetings to you!

  30. Bernadette says:

    I love watery reflections, especially ripply ones. The kitties all look wonderful! Are they with you? I may have missed something. Except Franklin, of course, we know where he is. He has a job to do.

  31. Lovely pictures. πŸ™‚

  32. Charles Huss says:

    Those are beautiful and colorful photos. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  33. RMW says:

    Love the reflections in the water… and nice choice for a Christmas tree! Happy Holidays!

  34. Timothy Price says:

    Beautiful colors. Franklin is giving you the look. I love the kitties on the microwave.

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