Cattywampus, While Cats Look On; Season in Review . . .

Franklin does some serious editing

Cattywampus season post, last spring to now in review; some will be sad. I didn’t have these pictures before due to computer stuff. Anyway there’s no fall leaves scenery here yet; and in the southern hemisphere, it’s even spring.

I had to switch to another machine. Learning new tech is not so easy, with the energy deficits I have. Everything is different, trying to size the pictures is a challenge. And most of my pictures are marooned in the old computer; time is scarce for the hubs so we haven’t accessed the back-up drives yet.

An important note, the visual balance on the screen is off, all those factors like contrast, dark and light, etc. There’s been no time to try to try to get it back to default settings either. That means I’m not photoshopping to the same standard setting most viewers will see on their screens. I have no idea what it will look like on a typically balanced screen.

The last weather picture was of the odd snow storm in February, but then on March 17th there was severe weather potential. Here’s Shelley that day, you can see the TV weatherperson reflected in the window.

Shelley on Stormwatch

There were 25 tornadoes in the state that day. Sometimes a tornado stays up in the air and does not descend to ground level. They’ll tell you during the event but we won’t hear about it later; I’ve only seen the ones that hit the ground get written up in reports. This is the way the sky looked around the time they said one went over near us. Also around this time a neighbor heard something either go by or over.

Disagreeable Sky

Here’s Shelley later in the afternoon.

Sweet Shelley

There were some injuries, but no loss of human life that day. But sadly there were 6 deaths in the March 25 tornado outbreak.

In April:

Spring busting out all over

Moonpie is glorious!

Moonpie brings on the spring beauty

Iris and Spiderwort

Our Spooky Girl is still a little wild thing (and makes our hearts sing)

In early May we went to the creek, for the last time before the mosquito population exploded this summer. Everything was already bright green.

Forest in reflection

I had my phone camera pointed at the trees when this vulture zoomed in and out of the frame. They are nature’s clean-up crew, not really bad birds. This is October so perhaps this bird serves as a Halloween decoration. Muhahahaha.

Vulture, there for an instant

Tulip tree petal, grounded

Our Tulip Trees are about 40 feet and the blooms are all at the top, where we never see them. Petals had drifted down as the flowers wilted, or could have been blown there by a wind.

I tried to root one of the little blooms that was on the ground, but it didn’t work.

This was fun and pretty for awhile.

Stripey’s a happy kitty!

Regular summer mimosa

Lynx is ever watchful, no cattywampus will get past him!

Speaking of cattywampus if anyone knows if it’s safe to download the non-google versions of Picassa that are the only ones available now, please let me know. Picassa made it so much easier to work with photos and with far fewer clicks.

“Early bloomers” in the fall department

This happened in July, but it was an anomaly. We are still . . . so green.

We lost a dear friend a few weeks ago. A person of great courage who had marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. I had looked forward to visiting her when the virus situation gets better and I’m heartbroken. She is mentioned in my book. She loved the natural world; this post is dedicated to her.

The American Beautyberries begin

At least the beautyberries are in full swing for autumn now, they are everywhere. I’m getting weaker and may have trouble getting around to commenting on everyone’s posts, much as I enjoy the camaraderie of commenting back and forth. Hopefully I can get back with some black cat stuff and some more fall-like scenery soon!

Boss Buddy

My gorgeous Boss is here!

He wants y’all to get my MUSE Award winning book, Catwoods! It has the stories of our five decades of rescuing outdoor cats and adopting them, or finding them good homes when we were at catpacity. People who read it say they read it over and over; when they give it to friends, they get another copy to keep. We just need more people to get it, that will help us take care of the kittens, their feral elders, and Franklin. Link to Amazon is at the left top of the page; when you get to Amazon click the “1 new …” or “2 new …” to go to Borgo Publishing, the publisher is a third party seller there, it doesn’t really go through Amazon – that’s different than the usual arrangement but works just fine. Or, go to the “Order the MUSE Award winning book Catwoods Online” page to find the links directly to Borgo Publishing.

About Leah

I'm Leah T. Alford, a writer fascinated by the natural world and animals, especially cats.
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  1. Very nice! I mainly take pictures of cats and flowers as well. You might enjoy these …

    • Leah says:

      Thank you Peter, I appreciate it. I’ve been very sick and have a long recovery ahead, that’s why it took me so long to publish your comment. I
      enjoyed visiting your blog briefly and look forward to checking it out when I get better.

  2. Oooh….I sincerely hope this winter does not have as many strange twists and turns as last winter!
    Here in Texas, a lot of outdoor animals and plants were definitely hurt by the unusually cold weather.

    • Leah says:

      I hope it doesn’t too, Mary. I remember what happened in Texas and it was really bad. We got a little of that but last minute changes made it not as bad. Sorry about the delay answering but I’ve been very sick and still have a ways to go.

  3. tanssityttö says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss!!! I too lost my big brother suddenly on August only in age of 47. 😭

    • Leah says:

      Thank you tanssitytto for your kind sympathy. I’m so sorry about the loss of your brother. I’m sorry for the delay in replying, it’s because I’ve been sick and still have a long recovery ahead.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Leah, and about your health concerns. I hope you are feeling better and wish you and the kitties a pleasant November.

  5. Tornado’s are so scary, we don’t have them a lot, but once in a while it comes to our country too. Your pictures are breathtaking, Leah and the kitties are all so purritty. I never noticed that Spooky girl had a bowty mouthie, very cute💖Pawkisses for a wonderful day to all of you🐾😽💞

    • Leah says:

      The kitties and I thank you so much Little Binky and Granny! I’m so sorry I haven’t commented lately on anyone else’s posts, I am going through health problems. I really enjoyed your most recent post!

      • BJ Deming says:

        And I enjoyed your Cattywumpus post. Every picture of a cat is beautiful, even without tweaking it. Your green neighborhood is beautiful, too. You take care, please; get better, and have a really good Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing all these pictures and stories (and for liking all my posts). ❤

        • Leah says:

          Thank you BJ, I’m happy you liked my post. My pleasure liking yours! Sorry about the delay in answering and for being away from the entire cat blogosphere lately. I became very I’ll and have a long recovery ahead.

  6. loved the post Leah inspite it all. You’re a brave one and you’ll do well. Keep looking up.

  7. How do your cats act during severe weather? I can generally tell how serious to take a threat by how mine act, but then, they’ve never predicted a tornado overhead.

    • Leah says:

      Jen ours were running around frantically during about the last 15 mins of the approach of the EF4 we were in. We couldn’t catch them. We found them hidden under things afterward. I think they could feel the air pressure changes with their whiskers. For a few minutes before the actual hit, I couldn’t breathe. I later read that the winds sling the air around within the storms and cause sharp pressure drops. The cats didn’t act this way on days like the ones described above, when there were tornadoes not too far off but not actually in our location.

  8. I LOVE that picture of Franklin! It’s gorgeous!

  9. Great post Leah! All the pictures turned out fine and looks great. I read you having some trouble with image editing software. If you utilizing Windows platform, there are couple of software that you may find easy and useful. One is called InfranView and other one is called PhotoScape. You may already use them anyway but I thought I let you know. Both are free to download and install in Windows Operating System. If you looking for something more advance, I utilize GIMP which allow me to do ‘selective colorization’ in Linux based Operating Systems. Keep up the good work! Best! Ashraf

    • Leah says:

      Ashraf, good to see you! Thank you for your kind words about the post, I appreciate that. Also thank you for the tips on photo editing, those are very useful and much appreciated. I am having some health problems and perhaps going into the hospital for awhile. So I won’t be able to answer your comments on my other posts as I usually do. Hope to be back soon, Meows and best wishes and regards, Leah

  10. Lavinia Ross says:

    The kitties and woodland scenes are beautiful, Leah! May the storms pass you by. Stay safe!

  11. We always love seeing your photos and hearing about your part of the world. Stripey looks so happy!

  12. Charles Huss says:

    You have a lot of great photos here. I too miss Picassa. I really liked that program. I mostly use now the program that came with my camera, Canon Digital Photo Professional. It is a good basic editor but it works much better with RAW files than JPGs.

    • Leah says:

      Thanks Charles, I appreciate and I’m happy you liked the photos! Interesting about the Canon program. Everything I’ve had to do without Picassa seems so click-intensive.

  13. Leah! We LOVE your Cattywampus post! We always love your posts and comments. Your cats have such caracter and I love how you have captured them in your photos. And I love your flowers and trees and weather shots. You really have an eye for composition. Your photos are marvellous and the colors look pretty terrific to us (even though I do calibrate my screens and their colors often). These days the new technology is much more forgiving than even 5 years ago. We are sorry for the loss of your friend. I feel your pain and the regret of not having seen them because of the new circumstances that have been thrust on us by Covid. Thanks so much for your “round up” post. You have made my Thanksgiving Sunday!

    • Leah says:

      Marv and Barb, thank you so much for your kind words about our posts and pictures, I appreciate it and the kitties do too. I was a painter and mixed media artist but the illness made it hard for me to do that work, so I tried photos . . . I wish you could somehow calibrate my screen, lol, the hubs says we’ll need to read up on it but has no time right now to guide tech-challenged me.
      Thanks also for your kind sympathy on the loss of our friend. The Covid circumstances are indeed difficult to weather.
      Wishing you all the best and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Thank you so much for coming to say hello on the blog. We love your pictures and the magic and majesty of images and colours. Spectacular!
    As to tornados, we are very lucky that they seldom happen in UK. Small mercies in an ever changing global environment.
    Mrs H and I are sorry for your loss. It has been a bad two years and things have happened, friends and friendships lost with words left unsaid. We are sorry for all who are in that situation. Be strong and cherish those around you, your cats and friends.
    Your family is wonderful, and all charming.
    Lots of purrs
    We would dearly like to read your book, but tried to order it through Amazon, but it cant be sent to the UK. Do you have a copy we can buy, please?

    • Leah says:

      Thank you so much, Erin, for the kind words about the pictures, and about the loss of our friend. I appreciate it and the kitties do too.
      I always really enjoy your posts and I’m sorry I don’t always leave comments. I find it harder to get around the web these days.
      Thanks also, for your interest in my book. I’d very much love for you to read it! I’m sorry that it isn’t being shipped through Amazon to the UK. The reason is, the indie publisher of my book has an unusual relationship with Amazon, sells only as a third party, and handles shipping herself. (I had no voice in this arrangement.) She says she doesn’t ship to the UK because of the high cost of shipping from US to the UK, and partly due to the pandemic. I will ask her about this again in a few days, but I doubt she’ll change things.
      But, I am working on doing an ebook copy. At first the publisher didn’t allow this, but has recently changed and said okay. That will be through Amazon but also through the indie publisher for those who don’t like Amazon. But I have to do it myself so it’s going slow. If that doesn’t work for you (I prefer regular books myself but I read some ebooks now due to space, etc.), I plan to get another supply of books to sell myself in the future, but again I don’t know how soon. I’m out of good copies now. I’d work with you on the cost to help offset the shipping cost, as it is indeed high.
      I just emailed the same info to another blogging friend in the UK who wanted a book, and I hope this works. A guy in the UK told me he found a copy on Amazon.UK and ordered it but I didn’t hear further. I have no idea how it got there and it isn’t hooked up with my publisher; maybe a used copy. But I just checked and Amazon.UK says it’s now unavailable.
      Cheers and Meows from the kitties and me!

  15. Great catch up post! So sorry about the loss of your friend. The photos are beautiful, especially the kitties 🙂

    • Leah says:

      Thank you so much for all your kind words, the kitties and I appreciate it. We are happy you liked our pictures. Thanks also, for the sympathy on the loss of our friend. Meows and purrs.

  16. so sorry to hear you lost a good friend- but it was nice to see the season you had in review- always nice to reflect on what the year has brought us!

    • Leah says:

      Thank you so much, hairballs and hissyfits, for your kind words and sympathy.
      I’m happy you enjoyed the seasons review post; lol I’m always trying to catch up . . . Meows and purrs.

  17. kittiesblue says:

    P.s. Mom is going to order your book and suggest it for her book club.

    • Leah says:

      Thank you so much, kittiesblue, I’m so glad you like the pictures, the kitties and I appreciate it! I really liked Picasa too . . . Thank you also, for your kind and comforting words about our friend. I’m sorry that you have lost friends, too. It really is so hard to lose them.
      And thanks also, for getting my book! I appreciate it and hope you enjoy!
      All good wishes and meows and purrs from the kitties and me.

  18. kittiesblue says:

    We think your photos look great. Mom did not know there is a non-Google version of Picasa. She was very disappointed when she had to give it up. We are so sorry you lost a dear friend. Mom and Dad have lost several lately. Mom says it really hurts her heart a lot, especially as we have not been able to see so many of those we have loved. Take care of yourself. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

  19. Charlee: “Ooh, sounds like up in the sky is a better place for tornadoes than down on the ground. And not just because we cats like things to be up high!”

  20. Deerest Miss Leah wee toetallee understand that you can not get ’round to see all of us. Wee support you 150%. BellaSita iss havin Gall Bladder issuess an shee has had trubbell vissitin an bloggin two. An still no cammyra to take fotoss’.
    Shelley iss so gorgeeus on Storm Watch duty! An Boss iss toetally ‘boss’!!
    Efurryone lookss pawtastick!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita

    Pee S: Yore Nature fotoss are lovelee. BellaSita LOVESS THE Irisess best 😉

    • Leah says:

      BellaSita, so sorry to hear about your Gall Bladder issues. I hope you don’t have to have surgery but if you do, I’ve had it and it really wasn’t too bad. Thanks so much for all your kind words about the kitties and the pictures, the kitties and I do appreciate it. I’m sort of partial to the irises too, I do like the purple flowers.
      We hope you get a camera soon, we want to see more pictures, of BellaDharma, and whatever else you may want to take a picture of.
      Sending many purrs in return to you both, from the kitties and me!

      • Miss Leah wee reesearched Gall Bladdur surgery an Lazer does NOT scare BellaSita. Shee sayss shee will due anythin (withinn reeson) to feel bettur again. Shee did 2 loadss of laundry today an lotss of commintss an stuff on Pee C. An shee came to bed an sleeped for over an hour this afturnoon. She sayss shee feelss like a ‘limpy dishrag’…..
        Wee tryin to get a mew cammyra butt with BellaSita unwell an no Auntyss’ around shee iss housebound.
        Irisess are so dellycat aren’t they?? An purrty…
        An meowin ’bout purrty cuud you pass a message on to Franklin??? Mee was reemiss not meowin to him!
        “Deer Franklin yore THE hansumest mancat online mee knowss!!! **purrss** an **paw kissess** BellaDharma”

        Thanx Miss Leah 😉

        • Leah says:

          BellaDharma I’m glad that BellaSita feels confident about possible laser surgery for the gall bladder. We hope it doesn’t come to that, of course. So sorry about the exhaustion, I have that too, from very little activity.
          I do love iris, and almost everything purple!
          Franklin is very flattered by what you meowed, BellaDharma. He watches the ladycats on the computer and that’s where I get many of the pictures of him. He does perk up when your picture comes on the screen and says you are a most fetching girl kitty out there in computer space, purrs and rawrs to you!

          • 3 of mee Auntyss’ have had Gall Bladdur surgery an meowed to her that Lazer iss not too scarey or ruff. Fore THE record BellaSita has been eatin low fat diet fore 3 yeerss now an shee iss inn this much diss-tress wee suspect it mite bee surgery time!
            An THE xhaustion frustratess BellaSita…shee wantss to sue so much an can not!
            Oh Miss Leah Franklin meowed those nice thingss ’bout mee?? Oh mee iss so happy an ^^blushinn^^ two!!
            Wee have a ‘mew-tual’ attraction mee thinkss??? ❤ ❤

  21. catscue says:

    Thanks for catching us up, sounds like an action packed year so far. Beautiful photos of the cats and fauna. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, hugs.

    • Leah says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words about the pictures, catscue, the kitties and I appreciate it! Thanks also for your sympathy for the loss of our friend. Hugs and purrs in return.

  22. That is so sasd that all those peeps lost theri lives due to the devastaion from tornadoes. Those are such scry things:(

    Sorry you lost a good friend, too. How hard it is to not be able to say goodbye, or that you loved them.AM sending a ton of hugs your way.

    All your pics are amazing, so clear, and bright.

    I use Gimp, mostly to edit or make pictures/cards. Also I am on a Mac, and I can edit the pics right in the photos app. At least for the basics. II have PS Elements 2018 & 2019, but I find them to be a hard learning curve. Gimp is very similar but to me it seems easier to use, once you figure it out. (Gimp is free…I have been using it for about 3 – 4 years, now.)

    I do hope you can get your tech issues figured out. Tech can be such a pain…all the menfolk here are tech heads, but when I have a question, sometimes even they do not have the answers good enough to help me, because they don’t ‘play’ with picture!
    In a few weeks, I Iwill be getting a new smart phone, something I have not ever had…my head is spinning already, LOL!

    • Leah says:

      Ingrid thanks so much for your kind words on the losses here from the storms, and of our friend. I appreciate it so much and send hugs and purrs in return.
      Thanks also for what you said about the pictures, the kitties and I appreciate that too.
      That’s very interesting about using Gimp, and the Mac, I’ve always heard good things about Macs . . . the hubs is pretty good about figuring tech stuff out, but I find, like you, not always, since everything changes so fast.
      Ahahaha about the smart phone. The very idea that a phone could be considered “smart” makes my head spin too.

  23. niasunset says:

    What a beautiful photographs, cats and flowers, plants, fascinated me. The colours are amazing too. I love nature colours, and photographs. Thank you dear Leah, and my condolences on the loss of your friend, rest in peace. Love, nia

    • Leah says:

      Thanks, Nia, I’m happy you enjoyed the photos! I love the natural world too and I always enjoy your nature pictures. Thanks also for your kind sympathy on the loss of our friend. With love, from the kitties and me

  24. meowmeowmans says:

    Leah, your photos look really good on my laptop. We especially love seeing your kitties, but also enjoy your nature shots and your wonderful narrative. We are so sorry about your dear friend’s passing, and send you all good thoughts and gentle purrs.

    • Leah says:

      Thank you so much for telling me the photos look good, I appreciate it! The kitties thank you too! And thanks also for the kind sympathy on the loss of our friend. Meows and purrs going out to you in return.

  25. Leah, your images look very good on my big computer screen – especially so Moonpie. What a catch of light-in-fur … and expression!
    I send vibes of patience with PhotoShop. That’s what I use (on MS Windows), have gotten accustomed to over the years. But it keeps evolving. Some tricks that work on my older desktop will not work on my newer laptop (w/newer version of PhotoShop). I grump a lot and keep tweaking as best the SW will let me!
    Lovely for you to dedicate this post to your departed friend.

    • Leah says:

      Jazz, thanks so much for telling me you like the way the pictures look! The kitties are pleased too and Moonpie sends a special thank you, with purrs!
      I still use an old photoshop program, it seems to work about the same on this machine except for the things that Picasa made so easy. Learning to use a newer version of photoshop would be hard for me, new tech is getting harder, sigh. And thanks too, for your kind words about our friend, that means a lot to me.

  26. Cate says:

    I especially like the images of Shelley on storm watch, and Moonpie against that lovely green — but they’re all beautiful. My condolences on the loss of your friend, Leah.

    • Leah says:

      The kitties and I thank you Cate, we’re happy you like the pictures! Thanks also for the kind and comforting words about our friend.

  27. Your clowder is just darling—all these photos are wonderful. So sorry about the passing of your friend. Take good care of yourself. Hugs from Pamela and Samantha Jo.

    • Leah says:

      The kitties and I thank you so much, Pamela and Samantha Jo, we are happy you enjoyed our pictures. Thanks also your kind and comforting words about the loss of our friend. You take care of yourself too. Hugs and meows and purrs from the kitties and me.

  28. I love your posts so much, but I have been unable to buy your book. Every time I try I get a message saying it can’t be shipped to my address – I’m in the UK. Any ideas? Rose xxx

    • Leah says:

      Rosie thank you, I’m so glad you like my posts! I would love for you to read my book (I mention lots of art, and Turner) and I’ve been thinking (not a fast process for me any more) of ways I might get it to you. The publisher tells me that they don’t ship outside the US due to the pandemic or the high shipping cost, or both. I’m looking into alternatives and I’m going to send you an email about it, hopefully soon.

  29. Caren says:

    I think your photos look lovely!!!!! I am so sorry about the loss of your dear friend (((hugs)))

    • Leah says:

      Caren, thank you so much for your kind words about the photos, I’m so happy you like them and the kitties are too! And thank you so much for the comforting words on the loss of our friend. Hugs, meows, and purrs from the kitties and me!

  30. davidstone1313 says:

    Computer troubles or not, your pictures came through well. Thanks.

    • Leah says:

      David thank you so much for your kind words, the kitties and I are happy you like them! My pleasure making the post!

  31. I enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading the post as much as Stripey. Franklin did a great job editing. I don’t know when I had a fresh blueberry.

    • Leah says:

      Greg thank you so much for your kind words and a special thanks from Franklin, who doesn’t get as much credit for his editing as he’d like . . .
      Those are actually American Beautyberries, not blueberries. Although some people make jam out of them and eat them in the wild, I’ve seen warnings that they can cause stomach upset. So I always urge caution and tell people not to eat any berries found in the wild.

  32. Brian says:

    Your kitties sure are fabulous and so are your photos. I’m sorry about your friend, that’s very sad.

    • Leah says:

      Brian, thank you so much! The kitties and I appreciate it and we’re glad you liked our photos! Thank you also for your kind and comforting words about our friend.

  33. Dearest Leah,
    LOVE Franklin the editor and Stripey enjoying the view while chilling out.
    We both just returned yesterday from an 800 mile round trip to attend a funeral in TN.
    A young father who left wife and 11.5 year old son behind. Heart issues +++
    Sad and only the memories of this great photographer remain.

  34. cat9984 says:

    Your pictures look great to me. Sorry for your loss. The kitties are adorable

    • Leah says:

      cat9.984, I thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. The kitties thank you too. And I thank you for your kind words on the loss of our friend.

  35. Beautiful pictures, love them all!

  36. Ann Adamus says:

    Hardly no what to comment, as every image ~ kitties plus all the others ~ are so very lovely. Enjoyed so learning more about life at the “porch party” …

  37. Correne says:

    Beautiful! I love how Moonpie’s fur shines in the sun.

  38. Pam Lazos says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if we found out that cats are actually keeping and holding the planet in balance, Leah? ;0)

  39. Hi. My area had tornadoes recently too. Some caused tremendous damage. Tornadoes used to be rare here (the Philadelphia region), but I guess that’s not true any more.

    • Leah says:

      Hi Neil, that was certainly unexpected when Ida went northeast like that! I was worried about the people of those areas since I know tornadoes are rare enough there that weather personnel may not keep up the safety instructions like ours do as the storms approach. Did the best I could on fb: wear helmets, go to smallest room on the lowest level, in the center of house or structure with as many walls as possible between you and the outside, with no windows. When I first started reading about tornadoes extensively, after being in one 10 yrs ago, I read that they have occurred in every contiguous US state, but not very often in some areas.

  40. KDKH says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. I am a little jealous of all your green – until I think of all the allergens. Your kitties look like a wonderful crew. Stay well.

    • Leah says:

      Thank you KDKH, I appreciate your comforting words on the loss of our friend. And the kitties appreciate your kind words and well wishes too. We for sure have lots of allergens out there this time of year! All good wishes!

  41. Charlotte says:

    It’s so good to read your post. All the kitties are precious and the nature photos are lovely. I’m sorry about your friend. They sound like a very special person. Hugs to you, Leah.

    • Leah says:

      Thank you Charlotte, the kitties and I are glad you like out pictures! And we thank you for the comforting words about our friend, who was indeed such a marvelous person. Hugs in return and best wishes, always.

  42. 15andmeowing says:

    You take such beautiful photos. Stripey reminds me so much of my angels, KaChoo and KaTwo. And Shelley is gorgeous. They are all cuties though. That is a lot of tornadoes, how scary. XO

    • Leah says:

      Ellen the kitties and thank you, we are happy you like our photos! Awww, sorry about your Angels KaChoo and KaTwo, those stripey cats are really something. There were lots of tornadoes last March for sure, the March 25 outbreak (several days actually) had 43 across 11 states. And we’re about to have the Nov.-Dec. secondary season here. Only place in the world that usually has a season that time of year. Groan.

  43. John says:

    Beautiful photos all, Leah! The cats are beautiful. I’m sorry that you’ve lost a friend. 😞 I did some research on Picassa which has been out of production for some time now, didn’t find much.

    I use PhotoScape X along with other photo apps and want to recommend it but the links to the site are all corrupt now. What the heck!

    Is there a reputable computer shop near you that can possibly retrieve the photos on your bad drive?

    • Leah says:

      Thank you John, The kitties and I are happy you like our pictures! And thank you for your kind words on the loss of our friend.
      Picasa has indeed been unsupported by Google and I guess unavailable a long time but I had it on the old computer. We found a place you can still download it but we are really wary about downloading from unknown sources.
      There probably is a computer shop out there although we aren’t yet going into businesses, we get our groceries delivered. (For one thing, a friend has said that a vaccinated friend of his of our age died of a breakthrough Covid infection. The hospitals here are swamped.)
      There probably is a shop that could do that. There is a backup drive of most of it, the hubs just has no time to set it up. Lots going on here. He’s not sure if it’s the drive or the power supply, but also hasn’t had time to work on checking into that. He’s pretty handy with electronics as he has EE degrees although he didn’t work in that field. Time, yikes . . . Will try a computer shop if all else fails.

  44. moonpie 😋💕cute name cute kitty! love all and

  45. Great photos, and the kitties are a lovely treat to see, especially Spooky with her cute little bow tie. I love the name “beautyberries;” they certainly are!

    • Leah says:

      The kitties and I thank you Lynette, we’re glad you enjoyed our photos. Spooky is a little cutie for sure! The Beautyberries were just getting started in the pic and I hope to include more of them if I ever get around to doing more fall pictures!

  46. Timothy Price says:

    Franklin looks darn serious. I love all of your Cattywampus kitties. You got some seriously beautiful plants in there as well.

    • Leah says:

      Franklin is indeed an intense sort of cat guy! The kitties and I thank you, Tim, we appreciate it! We’re happy you enjoyed the plant pics too!

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