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I'm a writer fascinated by the natural world and animals, especially cats.

Editing and Non-Editing Cats, Explained

Editing Cat. The first feline editor of the book I’ve just published,¬†Catwoods, Stories and Studies of Our Feline Companions, was our late Minou, tuxie extraordinaire and a real scholar. When I started writing the books in 2004 both volumes were … Continue reading

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Catwoods the Book is Out!

Years ago I started writing a cat book, and now, Volume 1 is out! It’s been a long slog getting this done. For me, it’s exciting but a little scary too. That’s The Minx you see in the cover picture, … Continue reading

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Summer and Cat and Trees

Franklin can be puzzling. He’s so long-legged and limber; exactly how has he tucked himself up here? His front legs are poised in front of him, bent at the knee joint. They’re a little indistinct because I’m still working with … Continue reading

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Tributary: Becoming Green Warriors of the Red Earth Country

Originally posted on Catwoods Porch Party:
This essay was published in the online literary journal Steel Toe Review in August, 2012; in the Birmingham Free Press in August, 2012; and on the Friends of Hurricane Creek website in August, 2012.…

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Gotcha!Cat Rocks Spring

Franklin’s got me by the camera strap. My only purpose is to play with him, in his view. (He’s mewing at me now after playing fetch the wadded up paper with hubs for the last half hour.) I promised wisteria … Continue reading

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Sunny Relief

I just needed a sunny picture today! And Franklin knows how to make the best use of our infrequent sun puddles. Working on yet more spring pictures, stay tuned!

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4-27-11 Tornado 8th Anniversary

We thought we were over it, but last September when I was in the hospital we channel flipped to the movie “Twister” during the scene when people were in the shelter during the storm. We both freaked out, and had … Continue reading

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