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I'm Leah T. Alford, a writer fascinated by the natural world and animals, especially cats.

Sylvestris and Felis, Fall Creek Edition

Sylvestris is said to have several meanings; the one I see most often is “of the forest”. But for this photo essay it will designate “forest”, and felis will designate “cats”. Many creeks run through sylvestris; this one is closest … Continue reading

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Cats Present: Creek and Leaf Scenes Change Fast While Fall Stalls; with Music!

Franklin: Call me Franklinstein for today and tomorrow, it’s Halloween. Within our slow fall season scenes at the creek change rapidly. As they say about our area, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change.” These … Continue reading

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Beauties of Black Cats, Beauties of Autumn Leaves

I can’t always tell the two black kittens apart in the pictures; I think that’s Boss. I know this is Moonpie. Looking out into trees glowing with autumn sunlight makes me think of nature’s beauties and how cats are part … Continue reading

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Cool Snaps, Warm Winds, Leaf Colors, and Cats for Company

Even wild guy Franklin stayed cozy with me during the recent cool snap. Saturday, everything turned eerily warm as the remnants of the hurricane came dragging air from the Gulf. Frankie knew that storm was out there and he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cats Bask Their Way Through Slow Fall; October Gotcha Month

It’s been colder than usual this time of year. This is Franklin’s version of snuggling, his eyes ever-wild. I’m going to declare October Gotcha month for ¬†all our indoor cats. We began bringing the kittens in around Oct. 10th last … Continue reading

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New Copies of Catwoods Are Back!

The buy button for Catwoods on Amazon is back! Catwoods has won both a Certificate of Excellence and a MUSE Medallion Award from the Cat Writers’ Association. For awhile new copies could not be ordered because there has been a … Continue reading

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Season Shifts; Kittens’ 1st Birthday

That’s Franklin in January of 2020, looking towards the light. It’s different now of course. The outdoor photos will be in August, when we really begin to notice changing light. That’s our first sign of oncoming fall. Last year I … Continue reading

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Cats React to MUSE Award for Catwoods

Spooky: Human catmom, did you just try to mew? Me: No sweetheart, I said MUSE, it’s a MUSE Medallion. It’s for my book¬†Catwoods, Stories and Studies of Our Feline Companions, and it’s from the wonderful Cat Writers’ Association! Aside to … Continue reading

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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

August 28th is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. My heart is heavy with so many kitties who have left us and I won’t be able to mention them all here. Their stories are detailed in my book Catwoods. Ultraviolet, our most … Continue reading

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Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Here’s a quick post with Boss, who is helping us celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day today! He’s also here to present a link to my black cat essay, which is based around an excerpt from my MUSE Medallion Award winning … Continue reading

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