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Cattywampus, While Cats Look On; Season in Review . . .

Cattywampus season post, last spring to now in review; some will be sad. I didn’t have these pictures before due to computer stuff. Anyway there’s no fall leaves scenery here yet; and in the southern hemisphere, it’s even spring. I … Continue reading

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Remember Me Thursday; To Promote Adoptions of Homeless Animals

Lynx was one of five kittens brought to us by a feral mom in 2019. We had Momkitty spayed and we keep her fed now, but she keeps her distance and I don’t think she’ll ever be socialized to humans. … Continue reading

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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2021

I called her Ultraviolet, or UV. My husband called her Little Girl. She was so little . . . and so sweet. August 28th is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. My heart is heavy with so many kitties who have left … Continue reading

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Black Cat Appreciation Day; Show-Off Party with Miscellaneous News

Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17th! This is our celebration party starring our black cats, and our cats of other colors are joining the festivities too! We’re still using old pictures because we’re still trying to get all ducks … Continue reading

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It’s The Third of June, Already; Music, With Cats

CAT-themed sites are preferred if you wish to repost or reblog; ask permission! Here’s the Boss (pic taken last June), making an appearance so he can supervise our efforts today! Every 3rd of June I post this deftly worded mystery … Continue reading

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Big Cat Identity Kerfluffles

Check with me before reblogging or reposting. Cat-themed sites are preferred. That’s a Lynx in the picture at about 7 months old. Our household domesticated cat named Lynx, that is. It’s spring, and animals are showing up on game cameras. … Continue reading

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Black Cat Beauty Through All Seasons

Boss is here to brighten things up a bit. I usually wait several weeks between posts, and I’m not ready to do a long post. But I wanted to strike a pleasant note by leaving a couple of pictures here … Continue reading

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Springing Through Time With Cats

(Pictures and words are for the use of Catwoods Porch Party only. Reposts for the love of cats and nature are welcome. See the “Extended Copyright ….” page above for more info about why I start posts this way.) All … Continue reading

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A Weird Weather Story, with Cats As Usual

(Marvelous readers, sorry for starting this way.): Please do not reblog without asking for permission. Photos are for the use of Catwoods Porch Party only. Posting my link(s) on cat, animal, and nature fb pages is fine, but I ask … Continue reading

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A Look Back at Fall in Bleak Winter, with Cats

Please do not reblog without asking for my permission. Use the comment section to ask. Also please note that I have rarely granted anyone permission to use any of my photos, only about 7 or 8 times. So if you … Continue reading

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