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It’s The Third of June, Already; Music, With Cats

CAT-themed sites are preferred if you wish to repost or reblog; ask permission! Here’s the Boss (pic taken last June), making an appearance so he can supervise our efforts today! Every 3rd of June I post this deftly worded mystery … Continue reading

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Black Cat Beauty Through All Seasons

Boss is here to brighten things up a bit. I usually wait several weeks between posts, and I’m not ready to do a long post. But I wanted to strike a pleasant note by leaving a couple of pictures here … Continue reading

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4/27/11 Tornado, 10th Anniversary

We survived. Many did not. Church bells will ring at 5:13 pm today, the time when the tornado hit the town 10 years ago, for those who didn’t make it. Our cats survived, too. I’m just going to post links … Continue reading

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A Weird Weather Story, with Cats As Usual

(Marvelous readers, sorry for starting this way.): Please do not reblog without asking for permission. Photos are for the use of Catwoods Porch Party only. Posting my link(s) on cat, animal, and nature fb pages is fine, but I ask … Continue reading

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New Copies of Catwoods Are Back!

The buy button for Catwoods on Amazon is back! Catwoods has won both a Certificate of Excellence and a MUSE Medallion Award from the Cat Writers’ Association. For awhile new copies could not be ordered because there has been a … Continue reading

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Catwoods the Book Won a MUSE Medallion from the Cat Writers’ Association!

It was announced on Saturday night during the Cat Writers’ Association Virtual Awards Gala! I was stunned! Catwoods, Stories and Studies of Our Feline Companions, got a MUSE Medallion! These are awarded to the books that are Certificate of Excellence … Continue reading

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Here’s That Purr-ty Certificate of Excellence from CWA!

Actually seeing the certificate gave it an added dimension for me! When writing I try to think of the ways spoken language sounds . . . and we might say something is “purty” here, with emphasis on the first syllable, … Continue reading

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Afternoons of Lovely Kittens

A quick all-kitten post while Franklin and Shelley are sleeping! Don’t tell them they aren’t “escorting” this photo series! Above you see our little Spookums. She looks a little untrusting, but she’s coming along. Our Stripey has fantastically long whiskers! … Continue reading

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Catwoods the Book is on Katzenworld Today!

We are happy to say that my book¬†Catwoods, Stories and Studies of Our Feline Companions, is on Katzenworld today. It’s presented by Oliver the Maker of Mischief! Thank you Oliver and Katzenworld! Life With Cats Becomes a Book Uh, since … Continue reading

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Tributary: Becoming Green Warriors of the Red Earth Country

I’m reblogging this older environmental essay of mine for a number of reasons. There are many ongoing struggles to protect the waters of my state and nation right now. And, some newer followers who are environmentally minded have not seen … Continue reading

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