Extended Copyright Talk

All text and photos are originated by Catwoods Porch Party and are copyrighted by Leah Alford as “catwoods”, and by Leah Alford. Links to the blog posts, on other websites, blogs, Facebook, other Internet venues, are permissible when Catwoods Porch Party is clearly designated as the author, with clear and appropriate direction to the original content. So it’s OK to link to the blog posts or the blog because the credit for the content goes with it. Printing links to the blog posts in books is also permissible under the conditions stated above. If I know you (includes Internet friends) and what your site is about, I don’t need to know in advance. Although I’d like to be asked if I don’t know you and your site or book project, I know this isn’t always possible. But if you can, please contact me via moderated comment section to let me know before linking, if possible. I won’t publish your comment for that purpose unless you indicate you want me to. I know most people don’t ask for permission before re-blogging but some advance notice would be nice if I’m not a follower of your site. I’d like to get to know your site before appearing there!

Copyrighted photos are considered part of the post and so a link as described to the entire post inherently includes them. For actual excerpts and quotations, I’d like to be contacted if at all possible for review first. Please do not quote, reproduce, or copy separate photos or excerpts of text without contacting me first via a comment on this blog, to ask for written permission. Comments are moderated and I will get back to you as fast as possible depending on health and other factors. Photos are part of the photo-essays and are not to be taken and used without permission by content scrapers or anyone else! (Some of mine have and I’m steamed about that!)

The reason this page is so long, and exists at all, is that there seems to be confusion regarding copyright in general and even my write-up above. One person who was going to post a link to one of my posts on a Facebook page decided not to after reading my copyright section. While I appreciate anyone who tries to respect copyright, this was a misunderstanding. Links are almost always OK because they carry the credit to the author and include the entirety of the post. What drives me crazy are the content scrapers who have taken photos out of my posts and used them for other illustrative purposes and/or offered them to others to use as they wish! I DO NOT state a Creative Commons License because I don’t know enough about it and whether it allows that kind of use. But linking to my posts with credit, referring to the posts with credit, those modes of reference are OK. Taking pictures and text out of my posts, or anyone’s posts, without the knowledge of the originator, and offering them for use by anyone and everyone on the ‘net is NOT OK. It’s happened with my pictures repeatedly.

Catwoods Porch Party will at times link to its own posts within this blog.

Catwoods Porch Party will also link to and reference other websites written by other authors as credited and copyrighted within those sites. Catwoods Porch Party will sometimes cite written and spoken sources authored by others. Other sources linked to and cited are solely the work of other authors and are protected under their copyrights.

Catwoods Porch Party does not endorse the content of other sources referenced – written or spoken works, websites, videos, or audio recordings.