Gallery of Replaced Photos

This page will serve as a record of photos in this blog that I have replaced. From time to time I will photo edit a picture that’s in a previously published post, and replace the old photo with the new version. Various copyrighted photos have been taken from my blog without permission and used for purposes I did not authorize; so I want this record of all photos that have been posted here, to help establish that this is the origin of my pictures.

To clarify, posting the link to the complete post is almost always OK. This concern is about copyrighted photos being taken out of the post via ‘content scraping’ or ‘who knows how’ and used separately. This has happened to my pictures often enough to make me think it could be a widespread phenomenon, occurring without the knowledge of many copyright holders. Another topic for another post, when I have much more time. I will pursue this later; these copyrighted photos and text are for my use only except in the extremely rare cases where I have given permission. Those cases only include one university art site, one surrealist art site, only about two cat-themed blogs, my Catwoods Porch Party facebook page, my own facebook page, my Amazon author site, and the Borgo Publishing site (they published my book).

The following are pictures of our late Little Buddy that have been replaced from the post linked to below. All of his photos touch our hearts, but the new versions are spiffier visually. So check them out!:

Awaiting dinner, notice my long sweeping whiskers!

Those eyes!

Household Explorer

Check out the enhanced version of Bud the Editing Cat that replaced the picture from this post:

Mighty hunter Bud (indoor kitty, actually)

Black Cats in Sun and Shade: A Painter’s Eye View, is my photo essay tribute to beautiful black cats. It’s also my tribute to our late Little Buddy. I replaced the following pictures with spruced up versions, but these older versions are also precious. Every photo stirs my heart and makes me miss him so much! Check out the lightly revised post, text and pictures:

My Little Buddy, who goes by several namesMy Little Buddy, who goes by several names

Impending food alert, all cats are wide-eyed

Impending food alert, all cats are wide-eyed




Ever watchful kitty

Hangin' out, being part of the catmosphere

Hangin’ out, being part of the catmosphere


The Sheen King relaxes


Little Buddy rocks the spectrum!

I can’t explain the disparity of picture sizes! These were all small or medium pictures when they were in my post. LOL! Seriously, check out the new versions:

 The following picture of Little Buddy was replaced on my About page: