Order MUSE Award Winning Catwoods Book Online

Here are online links where you can purchase my book, Catwoods, Stories and Studies of Our Feline Companions, Volume 1.

The indie publishers of my book have this site:

Catwoods at Borgo Publishing

A page about my book at the Borgo Publishing website;

Leah Alford’s Book


Note: I am uncertain about whether international orders can occur at this time; the publisher said that due to the pandemic the shipping companies won’t ship outside the US. But since that may or may not have changed by now, please do write easty@ernestandhadleybooks.com to inquire to see if arrangements can be made.

For orders from outside the US, email easty@ernestandhadleybooks.com, found at the top of the first page of the website. It’s a local company so I know they are reliable.

From the US you should be able to click on through on the Borgo page. If there are any questions, use the email address. If you encounter any problems ordering, please let me know through comments here on the blog. Just go to the most recent post, or if there are none, go to the About page, as I am not seeing a way to comment on this page, unfortunately.

On Amazon you can now only get a new copy by following the link to the publisher, Borgo. NOTE: Amazon appears to have changed again and now, March of 2022, you have to click on “See all buying options”, then you will find the link to the Borgo Publishing option. It’s frustrating that things keep changing. The following is how it used to look: where it says “1 new from 23.95” or “2 new from 23.95” (the retail price). That goes to a list of new and used copies, Borgo Publishing is always in there somewhere. At this edit time, Jan.2, 2021. As of March 14, 2023, Amazon is really messed up. The listing starts with either used or new copies from various sellers at high prices. You have to go down the page and click See all buying options, or See all sellers, and find Borgo among them. They are the most reliable source and the only one that benefits me, the author. The correct cost of the book is 23.95, before sales tax and shipping. Do read the reviews on Amazon, though, they are all 5-Star.

If you are looking for a used copy there are some of those listed on Amazon too, from other booksellers. Used copies do not give royalties to authors, though.


You can also click on the cover picture at the upper right of this page to get to Amazon. The Amazon listing is very messed up now though, you have to go to See other sellers to find the correct listing which is Borgo. The correct cost is 23.95.

And, I have an author page on Amazon, with lots of nice comments from readers!

The Leah T. Alford Author Page

Here is a review by writer Carolyn Breckinridge on Goodreads:

Goodreads Reviews of Catwoods

Review of Catwoods by Ellen Pilch of 15 and Meowing

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The Minx cat on the cover is the Muse for this project. But the Editing Cat is on the spine. His keen editing skills helped immensely!