Please Don’t Reblog or Repost Without Asking Permission

That’s what I prefer. I think it’s common courtesy to ask. I understand that reblogs are sometimes done because WordPress provides a way to reblog from the reader, which makes the reblogger think it’s okay. But many bloggers aren’t happy with that, and I would never dream of reblogging someone’s post or article without first asking the author for permission. I purposely don’t display the Reblog button on my site because I really don’t want to be reblogged. So if you have done that without asking, with one or more of my posts, I’m asking that you take it down. I will NOT publish the pingback to your blog in my comments.

My reasons:

I want to know something about any blog, website, or facebook page that wants to reblog and/or repost my work. I really prefer cat-themed sites with a purpose similar to mine. I’m here to enjoy cats, advocate for the welfare of cats, inform about cats and the natural world, and to elevate public perceptions of cats; I also advocate creativity on behalf of cats and heartfelt storytelling, (fiction or nonfiction), and visual artwork that is sparked by cats. Cat “content” alone doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, I have encountered a few seemingly cat-themed posts and blogs that felt “off” to me. This is a family friendly blog centered around keeping domesticated cats in homes and TNRing and maintaining feral cat populations, as well as other cat information and a few other topics as chosen by me. Also, if I were to give a site reblog permission, I’d prefer that the site has ‘liked’ and/or commented here, and/or would have somehow demonstrated a genuine interest in the things I post about. Although I’m not able to get around the web and comment back and forth the way I’d like to, I do enjoy the camaraderie and the feeling of knowing other bloggers. I’m especially displeased when sites who only repost the work of others and none of their own, repost mine. I think blogging is about doing a substantial amount of your own work. (Contrary to what people may think, cat blogs don’t necessarily go everywhere and do everything with regard to getting your blog an audience.) I also prefer to communicate with blogs that tell us something about the person(s) behind the blog.

I’ve had several bad experiences when my posts were reblogged and that of course influences my attitude. I’ve had a blogger reblog my work and then make their site private so I cannot ask them to take it down. In another case that is still ongoing, and is described somewhat on my copyright page, my photos were taken and used without permission, inappropriately. That began with a reblog.

If you ask me first, and your blog shows that you have the best interests of cats at heart, I might agree to a reblog.

I’ve been asked to do guest posts on some marvelous websites that do represent fine cat advocacy and I regret that due to health limitations, I am unable to contribute to them at this time.

Thanks for respecting my wishes, and I wish success to all those who are creating their own work for positive purposes.

(A message to those who follow whose blogs have nothing to do with cats and/or the natural world: you may be blocked and/or removed, depending on my reaction to your content. If you are not blocked it may be because the system has given me no way to do so.)