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Fall 2017: Creek and Cat, Part 1

Fall is moving in fits and starts this year. It’s like we hardly noticed masses of colorĀ  crinkling and dropping off the trees, fast. But a few mature bright patches still linger around us, while farther up the road, we … Continue reading

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Wild Fall Color, Sussed Out by House Cat

From 2016, that is. A few leaves began to flare this August but somewhere along the way, our present fall stalled out, y’all. That’s not unusual, peak autumn here just might wait for November. There’s this one spot high in … Continue reading

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Eclipsed Sunlight; Cattitude by Ultraviolet

August 21, 2017. Our area had about 90% occlusion of sun by moon shadow, from about 11:59 AM to 2:57 PM, max coverage about 1:30 PM, CST. I didn’t photograph the eclipse itself, although we did view it through a … Continue reading

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New Cat Brings Joy, and A Mystery

Our new kitty, bright-eyed Little Ultraviolet Girl! Cats have always just walked into our lives. When our Bud departed for the Rainbow Bridge in June and left us catless, we thought we’d have to go looking for a kitty. I … Continue reading

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Troubling Times Bring Bud Back from the Beyond

Looking through old pictures, I feel a warmth. Bud, is that you? “Purrrrr …. hey, even I sorta like that one.” “You in October light last year, remember?” Blink. I blink back. “Gah! I’m supposed to be at the Rainbow … Continue reading

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A Sad Goodbye to Our Bud

Bud left us a week ago. He was 16 years old and had been in kidney failure for a long time, but he was doing well on medication. But when he suddenly became really ill, and the vets told us … Continue reading

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Extreme Photo Editing; Opinions by Bud the Cat

I took some time to brighten up our avatar picture recently. Deep book editing in black and white means I have to surface for air sometimes. Photo editing lets me luxuriate in bright color. I’ve also tuned up most of … Continue reading

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